Impact Ultra is a down-gauged, high quality, top performance machine film. Developed with phenomenal stretch, while accomplishing significant amounts of containment force, Impact Ultra is a constant champion for even for the most challenging loads.

Impact Pro is a high force machine film designed for demanding applications. Available in a wide selection of gauges and lengths, this versatile product combines strong load containment and remarkable stretch, providing excellent value and exceptional performance.

Impact Classic machine film delivers consistent film containment at a low unit cost. Available in jumbo rolls to keep transitions at a minimum and productivity at a maximum, this film exceeds all expectations of quality and value.

Fierce is the model of excellency in pre-stretched hand film. Developed to provide superior load containment and tear resistance while keeping cost at a minimum, Fierce is the ideal choice for securing the most challenging loads.

Armor delivers the puncture resistance and strength necessary for unitization with the convenience of a hand film. Designed to function even in the toughest of hand film applications, Armor is the steady source of protection for any product.